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Perch origami


Perch live where there is a small current, where there are many aquatic plants in which one can mask. Perch origami is done like this:

1. Bend and straighten the diagonals.

2. Fold the corners to the center.

3. Open the two corners.

4. Turn over the figure.

5. Bend to the center, pulling out the corners.

6. Expand.

7. Fold along the lines.

8. Expand.

9. Fold in half and straighten two times.

10. Fold to the center.

11. Turn the sheet over.

12. Bend to the edge.

13. Unfold and rotate the sheet.

14. Repeat steps 10-13 with three more sides.

15. Fold along the lines.

16. Fold up.

17. Fold and flatten down.

18. Repeat steps 16-17 above.

19. Fold in half.

20. Fold the two corners inward.

21. Fold up.

22. Fold along the line.

23. Fold down.

24. Repeat steps 21-23 at the back.

25. Repeat steps 21-22 to the left.

26. Go to the left.

27. Fold down.

28. Decline.

29. Fold inside.

30. Fold to the left.

31. Repeat steps 25-30 at the back.

32. Go up.

33. Fold down.

34. Fold along the lines.

35. Fold inwards

36. Go up.

37. Go up.

38. Make a zipper.

39. Put it down.

40. Turn over the next perch of origami.

41. Go up.

42. Fold down.

43. Fold down.

44. Fold the lines down.

45. Fold up.

46. ​​Make a zipper.

47. Lower down.

48. Fold to the left and repeat from behind.

49. Fold the lines up and repeat from behind.

50. Fold the corner in front and behind.

51. Fold the corners in front and behind on the right side of the origami figure. Then turn the left side up.

52. Turn the right side up, and fold it down.

53. Turn the perch of origami.

54. Fold the left part along the lines, repeating the actions from behind. Fold and straighten the tail.

55. Lower the left side down, repeating from behind. Tuck the tail inside.

56. Lift the left part up and repeat from behind. Tail the tail lines along the front and back.

57. Turn the left side down and do the same on the other side. Lift upwards by aligning point A with the line B-C.

58. Turn the left side to the right and repeat from behind. The right side is bent inside and do the same from behind.

59. Fold to the right. Repeat from behind.

60. Fold inside.

61. Form the mouth and tail.

62. Bend the fin inside the front and back.

63. Origami perch is ready.

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