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Fish-moon of origami


The fish-moon is the biggest bone fish, its weight reaches 1.5 tons. Fish-moon origami is made according to this pattern:

1. Fold and unfold twice in half. Turn over the sheet.

2. Fold and unfold on the diagonals.

3. Fold along the lines.

4. In the process of folding.

5. The basic form of the "Double Triangle" was obtained. Fold to the center. And repeat from behind.

6. Unfold and repeat from behind.

7. Fold to the top corner and unfold.

8. Fold so that point A aligns with line C-B.

9. Bend back.

10. Decouple.

11. Unbend again.

12. Press the tip inward.

13. Fold to the center front and back.

14. Bend inward and lift up front and back.

15. Lower down front and back.

16. Rotate the origami figure.

17. Fold down.

18. Fold to the right.

19. Fold down.

20. Fold it up.

21. Expand.

22. Fold up.

23. Fold up.

24. Fold down.

25. Fold up, pulling out the layer.

26. Fold, making the line A-B parallel to the line C-D.

27. Fold inside.

28. Fold up.

29. Fold up.

30. Turn over the origami figure.

31. Fold down.

32. Repeat steps 18-30.

33. Fold the "rabbit ear" in front and behind.

34. Fold the fins in front and behind.

35. Fold the fins down in front and behind.

36. Fold up front and back.

37. Fold in front and back.

38. Open your mouth.

39. Fold by combining points A and B with point C. Repeat from behind.

40. Fold left in front and behind.

41. Make eyes in front and behind.

42. Fold inward.

43. Fold inside the corners of the tail and lips.

44. Form the tail.

45. Fish-moon origami ready.

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