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Shark of origami


Sharks are common in almost all the seas, and there are also freshwater species. The shark origami pattern is complex for perception. But we hope that you will be able to make this origami figure.

1. Bend and straighten the diagonals.

2. Bend and straighten to the center.

3. Bend the corners to the center line.

4. Bend the corner back.

5. Decline.

6. Turn the sheet over.

7. Go up.

8. Pull the top corner out.

9. Turn over the figure.

10. Bend it.

11. Decouple.

12. Bend the right side.

13. Bend the left side inwards and flatten the top part.

14. That's what happens. Expand the rear.

15. Fold to the right.

16. Fold along the lines to the right.

17. Fold to the center line.

18. Fold the layer up.

19. Fold down.

20. Hide the layer inside.

21. Fold the lines to the left.

22. Go to the left.

23. Repeat steps 15-22 on the right side.

24. Fold and straighten.

25. Fold to the right.

26. Fold up.

27. Fold down.

28. Hide the corner inwards.

29. Fold along the lines to the left.

30. Repeat steps 25-29 on the right side.

31. Go to the top.

32. Back up again.

33. Bend the bottom corner upward.

34. Decline.

35. Go up.

36. Fold down, combining lines A-B and B-C.

37. Decline.

38. Fold down.

39. Fold back.

40. Turn the origami figure.

41. Bend along the lines, not bringing point A to point B.

42. Go up.

43. Bend down.

44. Repeat steps 42-43 at the rear.

45. Bend upward so that the line C-D is parallel to the line A-B.

46. ​​Pull out the layers in front and behind.

47. Fold the lines down.

48. Fold to the right, flattening the paper along the lines.

49. Fold along the lines, combining points A and C, while moving point B to the left.

50. Flex so that lines A-B and B-C are parallel.

51. Back up.

52. Flip the future shark origami.

53. Fold the corner, almost to the point A.

54. Back up.

55. Decline.

56. Turn it out.

57. Pull out the layers at the front and back.

58. Fold inside.

59. Fold along the lines.

60. Fold the lines up.

61. Fold down by lowering the angle.

62. Make a zipper at the front and back.

63. Turn it out.

64. Pull it to the right. Repeat from behind.

65. Fold in front and behind.

66. The tail of the shark origami is ready.

67. Fold inside, combining points.

68. Go left.

69. Fold up.

70. Pull out the layers.

71. Fold along the line.

72. Pull down the lower jaw of the origami sharks.

73. Make a rabbit-ear fold in front and behind.

74. This is what should happen.

75. Fold up, shaping the eye. Repeat from behind.

76. Fold left in front and behind.

77. The eyes of an origami shark are ready.

78. Make a zipper and repeat from behind.

79. Repeat the zipper and repeat from the back.

80. And again, perform a zipper at the front and back.

81. Fold inside and repeat from behind.

82. The head of the origami shark is made.

83. Fold up the front and back.

84. Fold along the lines and repeat on the other side.

85. Lower down front and back.

86. Fold the fin inwards.

87. Give shape to the head.

88. Fold the fins and shape the abdomen in front and behind.

89. The shark of origami is ready. We hope that you have coped.

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