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Seahorse origami scheme


The body of the seahorse is a bit like a chess horseFigure horse. Sea horses live in tropical and subtropical seas, but some species can be found in fresh water. Seahorse origami scheme is complex. And this figure is done like this:

1. Fold down on the diagonals and spread out.

2. Make a crease along the dotted line.

3. Decline.

4. Make folds on three lines, then straighten.

5. Fold the corners to points A and B.

6. Decline.

7. Turn the sheet over.

8. Fold to line A-B.

9. Decline.

10. Bend and straighten also another three lines.

11. Fold to the line A-B.

12. Decline.

13. Bend and straighten also another three lines.

14. Fold along the lines.

15. Here is the result. Turn over the sheet.

16. Fold along the lines.

17. Here is the result. Turn over the sheet.

18. Fold along the lines.

19. Turn to the left.

20. Bend to the right.

21. Fold to the left, tucking triangle A into triangle B.

22. Fold inside.

23. Fold inside.

24. Fold the lines again inside.

25. Again, fold inwards, dropping the tail down.

26. Fold the tail along the lines.

27. Fold inside the body of the seahorse origami.

28. Fold the line inward.

29. Fold inward to the right.

30. Turn it down.

31. Press and pull out the layer.

32. Fold the spout inside.

33. Fold the corners, while making an eye. Hide the pointed tip of your nose.

34. Give shape to the nose. Form the neck.

35. The sea horse origami is ready.

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