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How to make a fish origami


Now you will learn how to make a fish origami. Origami fish for children is available.
When folding a figure, you need to perform complex actions, so take a larger square.

1. Fold the square in half with a "book".

2. Lower the upper corners to the inflection line. Turn the house over to the other side.

3. Lower the upper sides to the inflection line, pulling the corners.

4. Slightly lower the sides of the square. Turn over.

5. Fold the top corner. Bend the bottom corners. Turn around.

6. Mark the lines in the middle part. Bend along the lines and bend the corner-tail.

7. Pull the corner.

8. Corner the corner at the top. When making a zipper, pull the corner of the "pocket".

9. Make a zipper. Bend the corner.

10. Hide the angle under the top layer of paper. Open and flatten out the "pocket" eye. Pull the corner down and flatten.

11. Origami fish for children ready. The fish turned out with an open mouth.

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