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Nautilus origami


Nautilus is a mollusk of the genus of cephalopods. These mollusks lived on our planet 500 million years ago. Nautilus origami is made according to the following scheme:

1. Fold and unfold diagonally. Mark the horizontal line passing through the center of the square.

2. Bend the right-hand left corner to the horizontal line.

3. Decline.

4. Fold the top left corner to the diagonal, then straighten it.

5. Bend the lower right corner to the point shown in the figure.

6. Fold diagonally from behind.

7. Flip the nautilus origami.

8. Flex and straighten.

9. Bend it.

10. Bend again.

11. Turn over the origami figure.

12. Decouple and repeat steps 9-10.

13. Flex and straighten.

14. Bend to the right.

15. Bend to the left.

16. Repeat steps 14 through 15.

17. On the lines shown in the figure, perform several actions 14-15.

18. Expand to step 13.

19. Curl the folds inward, while lightly pressing.

20. The sweep will guide you through step 19.

21. Expand.

22. Fold the accordion along the lines.

23. Fold in half.

24. Pull up.

25. Then pull down.

26. With these movements slowly pull the curls of the nautilus.

27. Fold the side parts and the upper part inward.

28. Go to the top.

29. Fold the corner.

30. Fold the corner.

31. Hide the corner.

32. Pull out the sink and turn over.

33. Nautilus origami is ready.

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