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Fish from paper


From this article you will learn how to make a fish from paper. A paper fish is performed on the following items:
The fish will be more attractive if it is folded from paper that is painted on one side only. Fold the basic shape of the "triangle" and follow steps 1-3 of the origami turtle figurine.

1. Bend the lateral angles, taking their tops out of the figure.

2. Fold the corners, combining their sides.

3. Raise the bottom corner, grabbing one layer of paper. At the same time, it does not reach the top of the upper corner.

4. Lift the rest of the paper to the top.

5. Bend the bottom corner from yourself. Turn over.

6. Make incisions on both sides of the fold. Lower the corner.

7. Turn the part over to the other side.

8. Open the "pocket", flatten the side pieces.

9. Pull the corner-tail. The fish from the paper is ready.

10. Fish from paper can be slightly converted. Bend the lower corners, tucking them inside the figure. Make a fin with a fold-zipper.

11. The fish from the paper is ready. Fishes are made with the use of notching paper scissors. The use of a notch in the manufacture of origami figurines is called "kirikomi origami".

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