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Scheme of origami seal


This article presents the origami seal scheme. Seal of origami is done like this:

1. Fold the square diagonally.

2. Open and flatten the pocket.

3. Fold the lower sides of the resulting square to its diagonal, and then execute the fold "petal".

4. Throw the half of the resulting diamond back.

5. Let's bend out the triangle of the future head. Pay attention - the fold lines come out from the point of intersection of the sides. Curl in front and behind the triangles of the future fins. Lines of folds must get to the point of intersection of the side with the planned line.

6. Remove the scrap of paper from the triangle of the head and pivot the lower edges of the figure inward.

7. Let's bend the tip of the muzzle, bend the tail and squeeze the back edge a little, making the figure volumetric. Origen seal is ready.

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