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Deep-sea angler of origami


Deep sea anglers live in the oceans at a huge depth, which is 1500-3000 meters. Deep-sea anglers origami is made according to the following scheme:

1. Mark the lines and fold the double square.

2. Fold the top layer up and repeat from behind.

3. Fold the front and back.

4. Flip to the right and repeat from behind.

5. Fold the top layer up, and then straighten and repeat from behind.

6. Fold along the lines to the right. Do the same from behind.

7. Bend to the right in front and behind.

8. Fold along the lines to the right. Repeat the steps on the other side.

9. Swipe right at the front and back.

10. Fold the lines upward, repeating the same from the rear.

11. Fold the lines upward.

12. Repeat step 11 on the right and back.

13. Flip to the right, doing the same from behind.

14. Make a rabbit-ear fold to the left.

15. Fold the lines upward.

16. Go to the left.

17. Turn it out.

18. Fold along the line in front and behind.

19. Bend to the left.

20. Repeat steps 14-19 on the back of the origami figure.

21. Turn the future deep-sea angler origami.

22. Go to the left.

23. Decline.

24. Fold the lines inwards, while opening the mouth of the origami figure. Repeat from the back side.

25. Turn the layer upward.

26. Turn it down.

27. Turn up.

28. Turn it out.

29. Bend your teeth along the lines and repeat from behind.

30. Fold up on the front and back.

31. Fold down the lines and repeat on the reverse side.

32. The eyes of deep-sea anglers are ready. Fold the lines down the front and back.

33. Fold up, repeating from behind.

34. Fold the lines down, repeat from behind.

35. Fold in front and back.

36. Fold in front and behind, combining points.

37. Stretch the paper to form an octagon.

38. Go left.

39. Make a double zipper fold, while hiding the tail inside.

40. Fold along the lines in front and behind.

41. Make bends along the lines in front and behind again.

42. Fold along the lines in front and behind.

43. Fold the lines inward, repeating the same from the back side.

44. Make the folds along the lines shown in the picture.

45. Make a fold "double rabbit's ear."

46. ​​Curl along the lines.

47. Deep-watered porter of origami is ready.

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