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Origami pattern cuttlefish


Cuttlefish belongs to the class of cephalopodsShellfish. They live in the warm seas next to the banks. The orchids are a very complex cuttlefish scheme, so be patient and patient, before you start. If you are not sure that you will cope - practice on more simple origami schemes.

1. Bend and straighten the diagonals.

2. Bend and straighten the corners to the middle.

3. Fold the corners to the point shown in the figure.

4. Turn over the origami figure.

5. Fold to point A. Fold should be parallel to the left lower edge.

6. Fold and straighten in half.

7. Decouple.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 on the right side.

9. Repeat steps 5-7 at the top of the figure, right and left. Turn over the figure.

10. Fold and straighten to the points shown in the picture. Turn the origami figure.

11. Follow the procedure shown in the figure. Be careful.

12. Fold, bending one part forward, and the other back.

13. Flex and straighten.

14. Fold the right and left edges inward. Pick up the white triangle.

15. Repeat from behind.

16. Flip over the front right and back.

17. Fold as shown. Folding is reminiscent of the action in paragraph 14.

18. Repeat from behind.

19. Fold and straighten.

20. Go to the left.

21. Fold down.

22. Fold inside.

23. Fold the corners.

24. Expand.

25. Fold inside the folds of paragraph 23.

26. Fold inside.

27. Fold inside again.

28. Fold down.

29. Fold along the lines indicated in the origami scheme.

30. Flip to the left.

31. Pull out the paper layer.

32. Fold down and to the right.

33. Fold left and down.

34. Repeat steps 19-33 at the rear.

35. Flip the layers in front and back.

36. Deceive and straighten.

37. Fold inside and lift.

38. Expand to the left.

39. Bend and straighten.

40. Fold it inside.

41. Lower the triangle down.

42. Press down, fold along the lines.

43. Picture of the previous action in the process of folding.

44. Go to the top.

45. Fold down.

46. ​​Fold inside.

47. Hide the triangle inside.

48. Fold the triangle upward.

49. Fold the "rabbit's ear" to the right.

50. This is an enlarged image. Fold down and flatten.

51. Fold inside.

52. Fold it together.

53. Get in shape.

54. This is what should happen. Turn over the origami figure.

55. Bend and straighten.

56. Fold the lines. The action is similar to paragraph 42.

57. Fold and unfold.

58. Fold and fold again.

59. Fold, pressing inward.

60. Fold inside.

61. Repeat steps 57-60 at the rear.

62. Enlarged image. Fold and straighten.

63. Re-bend and straighten again.

64. Pull the layer up.

65. Fold to the right.

66. Pull the layer up.

67. Lower the lines down.

68. Fold the lines to the right.

69. Fold up.

70. Flip to the right.

71. Fold down.

72. Fold it to make a triangle.

73. Fold inside.

74. Fold and straighten.

75. Re-bend and straighten again.

76. Once again bend and straighten.

77. Fold along the lines, dropping down.

78. Fold inside.

79. Pull it down.

80. Fold and straighten.

81. Fold to the right.

82. Enlarged image. Pull out the layers.

83. Go up.

84. Fold through the back.

85. Repeat steps 80-84 on the right side.

86. Fold down.

87. That's what you should get.

88. Fold inside.

89. Give the tentacles a shape.

90. Long tentacles curl along the curved line.

91. Pull out some paper and make folds with an accordion, giving the fins a corrugated surface.

92. Cuttlefish origami is ready. We hope that you coped with such a complex scheme of origami.

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