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Paper goldfish


Paper goldfish is done like this:

1. Add the basic form "Triangle".

2. Fold the "sides" of the sides of the workpiece.

3. Make two more folds of the "valley", bending only one layer of paper back up.

4. Fold the triangles in half again.

5. Turn up the corners.

6. Add only one layer of paper to the "valley".

7. Strip the strip with a "mountain".

8. Fold the triangle with the valley again.

9. Bury a "small mountain" with a mountain.

10. Cut the bottom layer of paper on both sides.

11. Unscrew the bottom layer of paper with a "mountain".

12. Open the inside.

13. Wear the crease "valley", and then cut the right side of the workpiece. Bend into a small corner - a little nose of a fish.

14. At the bottom, make a crease "mountain." Repeat on the other side. Tummy turned out.

15. Cut a semicircle on the tail.

16. The paper goldfish is ready. Draw the fish eyes and color the fins.

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