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Black devil origami


These fish are also called melanocetes. The black devil origami is a very complex scheme, but it is done like this:

1. Bend and straighten twice in half. And then turn the sheet over.

2. Fold and straighten the diagonals.

3. Fold the corners to the center back.

4. Fold along the lines.

5. Fold along the lines and repeat from behind.

6. Flip to the right and repeat on the reverse side.

7. Fold to the right and repeat from behind.

8. Fold the lines up and repeat from behind.

9. Turn to the right and repeat on the other side.

10. Fold the lines down, repeating from behind.

11. Fold to the right.

12. Fold the lines up.

13. Fold down.

14. Go to the left.

15. Turn the figure of the future black devil origami.

16. Repeat steps 11 through 14.

17. Repeat steps 11-13.

18. Fold it inside.

19. Rotate the origami figure.

20. Repeat steps 11-13 and step 18.

21. Flip the layers in front and back.

22. Fold one layer up.

23. Turn over the figure.

24. Bend inward.

25. Bend and straighten the corners.

26. Bend to the line.

27. Fold down.

28. Fold and straighten.

29. Unfold the corner.

30. Fold the lines inward.

31. Turn the corners out.

32. Fold the corners inside.

33. Repeat steps 26-32 to the right.

34. Go up.

35. Pull the layers to the right.

36. This is what should happen.

37. Fold along the lines.

38. Go up.

39. Fold along the lines.

40. Fold the corners inward.

41. Go up.

42. Pull it to the right.

43. Fold to the left.

44. Fold up.

45. Turn to the right.

46. ​​Fold down.

47. Fold the lines upward.

48. This is what should happen.

49. Enlarged image. Turn right.

50. Decline.

51. Fold and unbend the other side.

52. Fold the "rabbit's ear" to the right.

53. Turn it out.

54. Go left.

55. Turn it out.

56. Fold down.

57. That's what you should get.

58. Turn over the figure of the future black devil origami.

59. Repeat steps 25-33.

60. Pull out the layers.

61. Fold down.

62. Fold to the right.

63. Fold along the lines.

64. Fold the lines to the left.

65. Repeat steps 62-64.

66. Fold down and straighten.

67. Fold up.

68. That's what happens.

69. Pull out the pyramid.

70. Flatten the lines.

71. Fold it.

72. Fold along the lines.

73. Go left.

74. Fold along the lines.

75. Hide under the layers of paper.

76. That's what you should get.

77. Fold down.

78. Fold to the center.

79. Flip two layers front and back.

80. Fold along the lines.

81. Pull down.

82. Flip the layers back to step 79.

83. Fold along the lines.

84. Unscrew and flip the origami figure.

85. Corner the inside corner.

86. This is what should happen.

87. Pull out the layers.

88. That's the way it should be for you.

89. Fold and straighten.

90. Enlarged image. Fold and straighten.

91. Fold along the lines.

92. Fold the lines down.

93. Expand to step 90.

94. Pull out the layer.

95. Fold the lines inward.

96. Squeeze the corner.

97. Fold it.

98. Fold in front and behind.

99. Fold.

100. Fold inside.

101. That's how it should turn out for you.

102. Fold and straighten.

103. Fold and straighten.

104. Fold out by pulling out the layer.

105. Fold down.

106. Pull out the layer.

107. Pull out the layer.

108. Fold one layer up.

109. Go left.

110. Fold the lines upward.

111. Remove the layer.

112. Fold down.

113. Fold up.

114. Fold up.

115. Right bend, and straighten to the left.

116. Bend inward.

117. Repeat steps 102-116 on the other side of the origami figure of the black devil.

118. Fold inward.

119. Fold it inside.

120. Bend your belly inwards. Open your eyes.

121. Fold the belly inward.

122. That's what you should get.

123. Give shape to the eye. Make an eye on the other side.

124. Turn it out.

125. Unscrew it again.

126. Repeat steps 124-125 on the other layers.

127. Fold it together.

128. Make a "double rabbit's ear."

129. Turn it out.

130. Give the final shape to the body, fins and teeth.

131. The black devil origami is ready.

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