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Sperm whale


Male sperm whale is larger than female. For males it reaches twenty meters with a weight of fifty tons. Kashalot origami is done like this:

1. Bend the sheet in two diagonals and straighten it.

2. Fold the corners to the center.

3. Decline.

4. Fold the corners to the center.

5. Perform the action shown in the figure.

6. Repeat the same on the other side.

7. Lift the two corners up.

8. Bend the bottom corner to the middle.

9. Decline.

10. Fold the bottom corner as shown.

11. Fold the dotted line.

12. Decline.

13. Fold the lower corner as shown.

14. Fold the dotted line.

15. Decline.

16. Bend the bottom corner to the middle.

17. Pull a piece of paper out from under the triangle.

18. Fold the triangle inward.

19. Fold along the dotted line.

20. Follow the procedure shown in the figure.

21. Fold the line inward.

22. That's what happens. Flip the future sperm whale of origami.

23. Fold by combining the two corners.

24. Turn over.

25. Fold over the dashed lines.

26. Fold the two corners along the dashed lines.

27. Turn over the figure.

28. Unfold the corner.

29. Fold in half.

30. Bend inward along the lines indicated in the picture.

31. Perform an action similar to the previous one, only in the opposite direction. Turn over the figure.

32. Make a zippered fold. Due to this action, the head and mouth are formed.

33. Fold the fins upwards, and bend the hump inward.

34. Bend the tail and bend the fins.

35. Make an eye, bend the fin. Then shape your tail.

36. Sperm whale is ready.

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