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Tulip for beautiful ladies

Get a gift of flowers to every woman. But it will be more pleasant to have doubts if these flowers are made by themselves. Tulips can be made from paper. This is not difficult at all. Especially since paper flowers retain their amazing appearance for a long time, they do not need care.

Imagine tulips. They can be - red, yellow, white, pink, orange. To create this origami, you need two square sheets and ten minutes of free time.

It's better to start work with a flower. To do this, you need to collect all known from childhood, a water bomb. That is, take a square and bend it crosswise diagonally, then open it. After this, we add along the lines of bending a square in a triangle.

Next, bend each sharp corner, which is at the base of the figure to the blunt corner. If everything is done correctly, then you get a square blank.

The figure needs to be turned over and continue to work onThe pure sides of the square. Next, bend towards each other lower parts of the sides and fix them with glue or tape. It turned out a bud of a tulip, which must be gently puffed through a small hole.

Next, you need to untangle the petals and, if desired, insert a stem into the hole.

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