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Origami rose - just two options for assembly

We all know that a rose is a queen of flowers. But, at the same time, it is also a dangerous flower, because sharp spikes can easily pierce your hands, and then all the pleasure of a floral presentation will come to naught. And that this does not happen, we recommend you create your own paper roses, which, moreover, do not fade in a few days after the gift.

Origami rose - just two options for assembly

It is worth noting that paper roses alsoAre great, like the real ones, and you can see this after our today's lesson. And if you are ready to pass it, then prepare at least 1 square sheet of paper of the desired color and take 15 minutes to work.

By the way, regarding the paper. We recommend that you take a pretty soft sheet, because otherwise you will not have sweet. And first, we will offer the 1st and the simpler version of a rose made of paper. If you are ready, turn on the video lesson.

And for those to whom the previous video seemed pretty simple, we suggest you try your hand at another version of this flower. Instructions below - get started!

We hope that you with dignity have withstood ourToday's lessons, and have also taken on something useful for yourself to somehow please your girlfriend, woman, mother, colleague, girlfriend with such beautiful flowers.

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