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Origami assembly of a beautiful rose

The flower world attracts attention not onlyLovers of nature, but also origami creators. And you can see this with your own eyes, just leafing through the information about the art of origami and noting how many colors the Origami masters created in its entire history. And today we invite you to join the flower-lovers, and create a beautiful rose.

The scheme of this flower was invented by Jordi Adell, and it is based on the assembly of the Kawasaki rose. To perform the craft, you will need a square sheet of thick paper and 15 minutes of free time.

Begins to assemble such origami roses from the baseFigurines "triangle". Sometimes the work on the flower should be very careful and attentive, because the flower is full of small folds. In general, the scheme is pretty simple, and even a beginner can do it in the origami case.

For the first time such a rose was presented on the 1 stThe Rose Festival in Costa Brava, which was held in April this year. And today you can already be satisfied with the video lesson on its assembly. So, if you have enough patience, perseverance and the right material, then - we proceed!

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