/ / Origami assembly of a beautiful modular flower

Origami assembly of a beautiful modular flower

And now, dear lads, remember how long youGave his girl flowers? If this question puts you in a quandary, then this publication will certainly help you. After all, today we suggest you create your own beautiful modular flower.

It should be noted that the modular circuits areOne of the most interesting origami art. After all, if one can create great beauty from one sheet, then imagine what you can do with several sheets of paper and a good origami lesson at hand!

For today's craft, you need 5 sheetsSquare form, and a little more cunning, which is not typical for traditional origami figurines, is glue. But, in this case, it will not play a particularly serious role, because our goal is to create a truly luxurious flower and make a truly skilful gift. So, we watch the video lesson and clearly follow all the stages of the assembly.

We hope that the result you received,Really worthy of attention. Now you only need to make a few more of these flowers to get a luxurious bouquet. And then, for sure, you will be absolutely not ashamed to present your beloved with such a present!
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