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** 3D origami - modular flower

A beautiful poinsettia is one of your favoriteFlowers of many gardeners. This unique plant has bright red petals, which are played in the sun. Poinsettia attracts attention, fascinates with its beauty. This flower can be made immortal, so that he decorates the room throughout the year. To do this, you need to fold it from triangular modules.

** 3D origami - modular flower

To assemble a beautiful flower poinsettiaWill need four hundred and seventy red modules, one hundred and nine - green modules. And also seven strips of yellow paper. It will serve as the middle of our flower. The yellow paper should be five millimeters wide.

The flower model consists of two tiers. In each of these tiers there are five petals. The lower tier consists of five large petals, and the upper tier consists of five smaller petals. All the petals are staggered. In the center of the flower is a yellow center. The base of the flower is a green stand, which is assembled from green modules. Watch a video lesson

The original flower will be an excellent decorationThe desktop. In the US, this flower is traditionally decorated with a Christmas table. If you look at the plant from the point of view of Feng Shui culture, then it is able to discover new qualities among people, helps them express themselves, become leaders.
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