/ / Wonderful Kusudama from Marcel Aldous

Wonderful Kusudama from Marcel Aldous

Today for you we picked up another interestingAnd a beautiful kusudama, which we propose to add up in this lesson. The author of the model is Marcell Aldos, the very same article is called Kaleidodama. This Kusudama consists of 90 modules, of which 60 are the main modules, and another 30 are the connection modules.

Wonderful Kusudama from Marcel Aldous

To assemble this paper craft you will need60 square sheets of paper with a side of 6.5 cm, and 30 square sheets of paper with a side of 4.5 cm. Kusudama Kaleidodama is assembled without glue and without any additional materials. After all, if everything is done correctly and accurately, then the craftsman will keep perfectly due to the tightly folded modules.

Folding modules for such a kusudama is bestFrom thick paper that holds the shape well, since you will have to connect a multitude of modules without glue or additional connecting materials and it is necessary for each module to hold tightly to the next one.

So, if you are ready to create such a kusudama forYour collection, then right now we suggest you to plunge into viewing video material, which will help you to understand the assembly of modules and the Kusudama itself. We hope that the lesson is built quite clearly, and you will easily cope with this task.

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