/ / ** Heart-Flower Arrangement Scheme

** Heart-Flower Arrangement Scheme

Today in our selection of origami cardsFrom amateur entertaining and interesting crafts Jeremy Shafer. This is a very nice model of the postcard, which is transformed into a heart-flower. And, as you know, is designed for handicrafts for people who love your heart.

** Heart-Flower Arrangement Scheme

By the way, this model origami is completely new, becauseJeremy Schafer came up with her for Mother's Day. But, who forbids creating such origami, and present it to your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend, and even a husband or wife, to bring a little romance into the relationship.

To build an origami card you will needA square sheet of paper with a size on the side of 20 cm. The paper must be of different colors on both sides. By the way, you can use the same paper as the master's - golden on one side, and red on the other.

By the way, we do not recommend you to use the usualPaper, because then the craft will lose all its elegance. It is better to find a beautiful paper, but also quality. Well, it's time to start assembling. Watch a video lesson that will help you easily and easily master one more origami scheme.

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