/ / Flower-curl from the master Krystyna Burczyk

Flower-curl from the master Krystyna Burczyk

Today is your attention and your workA rather simple flower is offered, but it is not deprived of sympathy, from the master of origami Krystyna Burczyk. It's interesting that the flower does not fold, but folds from paper sheets. And still, from such curls, with a special desire and good imagination, you can fold beautiful kusudams.

Flower-curl from the master Krystyna Burczyk

So, to work on a flower-curl youYou will need 10 triangular sheets of paper of two colors (by the way, you can take square sheets for recording with a side size of 9 cm, and then cut them into two triangles), a Chinese stick, or a thin pencil, 20 minutes to create the craft.

In the process of work, each petal is foldedSeparately, and only after the readiness of all modules a flower is formed. To paper well twisted, you can slightly lubricate its edges with water, so the petals turn out more beautiful and dense.

A detailed video lesson that we picked up forYou, clearly and clearly will help you understand all the stages of the assembly of the flower-curl. We hope that the article will be excellent and will be worthy of the decoration of your paper flowerbed.

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