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Origami lotus from the modules

A lotus is a flower that attracts attention andRetains it for a long time. In the east, this flower is considered a symbol of purity, beauty and perfection, because the lotus, rising from the mud, manages not to get dirty. And speaking about the art of origami, it is worth noting that every self-respecting origamist, at least once in his life, and collected this amazing flower.

So, as you could already guess, today's speechWill go about assembling origami lotus. But, it will be a very beautiful and original flower, the creation of which requires working with modules. For assembly, you need 12 sheets of paper, from which the modules will be formed, which afterwards will need to be fastened together.

Origami lotus from the modules

By the time such an article will take you from 10 to 30Minutes, depending on who has already acquired what skills and abilities. But, we hope for problems at times, you will not have any assemblies, especially since the lesson will be conducted by Tadashi More, an originamer known for his understandable instructions. To all, this will be a video lesson, where everything is step-by-step and clearly shown. We look!

By the way, such a flower can be beautifully decoratedGift box, make it an ornament, or a fashion accessory (if you create a flower from a fabric), or simply decorate your collection of modular origami.

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