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Volumetric paper flower

Scrapbooking has become a common hobby of many people. After all, every album, every postcard can be made unique, unique and therefore very expensive.

There are many ready-made materials and scrap-kits, but you can also devote a little time and make the decorations of your postcard yourself.

Today we present to you one moreA kind of voluminous origami flower, which is collected either from 5 or from 6 modules. This article has a rather interesting look, and therefore it can become an excellent decoration for the interior, for a festive still life, for decorating a gift.

Volumetric paper flower

As we have already noted, this paper creation is possibleCollect from 5 or 6 modules, as you like, the difference between colors will be almost invisible. And to create such a modular three-dimensional flower, you need 5 or 6 square sheets (respectively for a 5-petal, or 6-petalled flower), as well as glue or staples.

Volumetric paper flower

The modules themselves are not difficult to assemble, thereforeYou should not have any questions. Moreover, today's lesson will be held by Tadashi Mori, he will also show how to fix all the modules in one voluminous flower.

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