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The RG-6 coaxial cable is an antenna cable,Consisting of several elements. These elements include the central conductor and the screen. This cable allows you to transmit signals at a high frequency. The main scope of application is technology, as well as computer and broadcast networks, communication channels and others. The cost of a coaxial cable directly depends on the wave resistance and other features. More detailed pricing is available on our website.
The coaxial cable rg 6 is also known asCoaxial pair. This is a pair in which the conductors are separated coaxially with insulation. The cable itself is designed to transmit radio frequency signals over a distance. In our online store you can purchase coaxial cable. In our store there are cables with steel veins and copper cores.
It should be noted that both types have braidsDifferent density and polymer coating with varying degrees of stability. These cables are resistant to environmental and mechanical influences. To supply AC or DC voltage to the load, individual cable types have additional conductors in their contents. For video surveillance systems, a small diameter cable is used. In this case, the diameter of the coaxial cable directly depends on where it will be used. The RG-6 coaxial cable is quite cheap and is available for everyone who wants to spend internet at home, etc.
Has excellent mechanical strength andIt is most often used where there is a long extension of certain systems. Flexibility is provided by rigid, semi-rigid, semi-rigid and especially flexible cables. Can be equipped with a simple screen, solid screen or a radiating cable. If you work in the field of information technology, then in this case you will often have to deal with various cables. If you have problems, then we have a cable. Welcome to our online store.

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