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Create a luxurious lily

Lily is a beautiful flower, and with the help ofOrigami techniques can be done by yourself. Take a square sheet, fold it diagonally and in half. Ideal lines of bending were obtained. After this, we need to add the so-called double triangle. Each side of the triangle must be expanded and flattened.

Fold the bottom edges of the form into the middle, thenPush them back. You also need to do this with the top of the figure. Thus, all the marking lines for the future flower will be obtained. Using these lines, you need to pull the bottom of the figure to the top.

These actions need to be repeated on each side. After that, unfold each of these triangles along the bend line. Turn the model over so that the open side is on top. Then bend the side edges towards the center. To do all this is necessary for each side of the figure.

And finally, the final stage. Expand the petals along the fold lines. They can be twisted with a pen or pencil.

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