/ / Folded asterisk from the master Jo Nakashima

Folded asterisk from the master Jo Nakashima

Master of origami Jo Nakashima proposed anotherAn interesting and wonderful origami artwork - a layered star. Such a model can easily play the role of a supplement to a gift, act as a souvenir, or simply take a worthy place in the origami collection. And it is this origami that we are dedicated to today's post.

Folded asterisk from the master Jo Nakashima

Just note that the assembly of this star is not difficult,More precisely - not very complicated. So beginner origami is very fit to collect such hand-made items in order to recruit experience and gain new skills. And for the assembly, you need 6 strips of paper 3 * 29.7 cm (this is an A4 sheet, which is cut to length by 3 cm each). By the time the process of assembling this model will take about 25 minutes.

By the way, it will be excellent to look it origami,If you use strips of contrasting colors. Here, for example, the author of the video lesson, proposed below, presents the model in the version of black-yellow. You can experiment with colors, and maybe you'll find some more surprisingly beautiful options.

Well, it's time to go to the video instruction, which was prepared by the author of the model. We hope that everything will work out for you, and you will be able to enjoy another interesting model of origami on your shelves.

The drawing has come down to us from ancient times. But over time, there were different trends in painting. One of them are coloring by numbers called "digital painting". Having mastered the ability to draw we obtain the development of creative thinking. The intellect and aesthetic perception of the world are developing. With these colorings, you can improve the design of the design of the house or office. And you can develop the creative abilities of the child, expand the range of his interests and abilities.
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