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Pentagram of paper

The pentagram is an ancient symbol that showsIs a regular pentagon. The first images of this symbol appeared even 3500 years BC. The same stars were found on the ruins of the ancient city of Uruk, they can be seen in the Egyptian pyramids, and in many other sacred places. And this is the symbol we suggest you collect today.

Pentagram of paper

It is not difficult to create such a model, and even forBeginning origami. And even more so, her scheme was suggested by Jo Nakashima, who, as you probably know, very clearly submits his instructions. To assemble a pentagram, you need 5 sheets of rectangular paper with a size of 15 * 2.5 cm, an angle meter, and about half an hour.

By the way, the video lesson is being conducted by the author of the craft, so just follow his actions carefully, and you will certainly get exactly the same five-pointed star.

In our view, the postage stamp hasRectangular shape. This was its appearance a century ago, and, such, basically, are used now. But sometimes a cliche of a non-standard form was used in production. So round, diamond-shaped, square, oval, polygonal and other signs of postal payment of an unusual kind appeared. For example, met in one period Postage stamps of the USSR with the image of cars inForm of a triangle. There are also figured stamps, like in Tonga, repeating the outlines of a banana or coconut, or as a brand of Sierra Leone, made on the contour of the image of the country on the map.
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