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Modular origami video: we make a nonsense with spines

You never wanted to do anything fromNotes for notes? Not those big ones that are called "paper for notes" or something like that. Such paper, of course, too, will do, but there are small cute little stacks of square leaves. Sometimes multi-colored. So it's tempting to take such a leaf and bend something
Today we will consider with you one more modularOrigami on the example of an icosahedron with spines. This figure is a three-dimensional star from paper. To someone, it may look like the top of a mace, and someone even remind a small sun.

At the heart of the proposed modular origami lie"Tri-moduli" from the master Nick Robinson. First, let's get acquainted with the origami scheme of the icosahedron. In the figure, you will see a scheme for assembling one of the paper modules.

Modular origami video: we make a nonsense with spines

Next we offer you a video master-class onAssembly of the modular icosahedron. This video lasts only 3 minutes. But it is shown here in a clear and detailed manner. If we talk about the very figure of the icosahedron, then it treats complex origami, and therefore it is very interesting to collect it.

By the way, it's quite possible to use such an artwork at times to decorate an apartment for a holiday, it can decorate a Christmas tree or make guests happy by the presence of it on a festive table.

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