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Triangular origami modules

A modular triangle is used to createMany voluminous figures of paper. Look beautifully made in this way, little animals, flowers. Also, this is an excellent option for working with paper, sometimes creating gifts, serving tables, etc.

To make a triangular module for origamiYou need a rectangular piece of paper. This rectangle needs to be folded in half, outline the middle with a line and rotate the workpiece toward it with a mountain. After that, the edges of the figure must be bent in the middle. Further we turn and raise these edges upwards.

Through a large triangular element byBend the corners of the figure. Further, all the corners unbend and add a new small triangle. This small triangle is folded along the lines. Its edges rise.

After all the manipulations done, add the resulting figure in half. If you look at a triangle, you can see two pockets and two corners.

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