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Origami windmill assembly

First, please look at the pictureBelow, and answer one simple question, just be honest. Answered? And now remember - how many times your beloved child asked you to buy such a windmill of various mass festivals, events and holidays, and how much money you spent on this child's play. If you sighed sadly, remembering all this, then our today's publication is specially prepared for you.

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Origami windmill assembly

Today we will analyze how origami is conductedAssembling a windmill from paper. And for an example, we'll take a simple turntable on 4 petals, which for sure many of us knew how to do in their carefree childhood. So, first, let's go through the scheme for creating a windmill and remember all the actions.

Origami windmill assembly

Well, now, when it's time to get down to business onPractice, we offer you a detailed video of how this windmill is created. Follow all the points of the master class, and you must do it.

If the work itself has amused you, thenTake your child, grab the created turntables, and run to meet the wind. We hope that you will spend time cheerfully, interestingly and fervently, and leave only pleasant memories about this incident.

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