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Box-heart from Jeremy Schafer

If you are one of those people who do not wait for All DayLovers (February 14), but prefer to make small, but very pleasant surprises, for loved ones just like that, then this lesson will surely please you in your heart and soul. After all, today we are looking at a beautiful origami box of hearts from Jeremy Shafer.

Box-heart from Jeremy Schafer

To create such crafts from paper youYou need 2 sheets of paper Kami square shape (one - for the box, another - for the cover), and 40-45 minutes of free time. Sheets can be used absolutely identical in size, as the origamiist ​​does, or one sheet to take a little more, to make a cover from it that freely closes the box.

Folds the model is not very difficult, but handsMasters on the video is better to follow very carefully to avoid mistakes at times of assembly. In fact, if you attract all your attention, then you should not have problems with the assembly.

So, we hope that you have already decided what you needSuch origami is a good idea, and they have already prepared the paper for assembling it. Well, if so, then it's time to start watching a video lesson, in which all the steps of creating a heart-shaped box will be clearly understood and accessible. Good luck building you, and nice words from someone who will get your origami masterpiece!

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