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Origami assembly of a box with a lid

Today is your attention and your workA beautiful gift box with a lid is offered. It will fit not only for storing various trifles, but also for a small-sized gift, and also for recognizing in love with the donation of a ring.

Origami assembly of a box with a lid

The author of this craft is David Brill, andA lesson today will lead already known to us Sarah Adams. To make such a box with a lid, you will need a square sheet of paper with a side dimension of 21 cm (so you will get a 4.2 cm box on all faces). It is advisable to choose a thick paper to keep the box well, and also to take two-tone paper to make the article look attractive. To everything, prepare a pencil and ruler to make it more convenient to make folds, and store 25 minutes of free time.

So, if you are ready to proceed, then goTo the video lesson, which shows in detail all the details of the assembly of such origami boxes with a lid. Carefully and carefully go through all the stages, and you will get a model worthy of the highest attention.

After the end of assembling the origami boxes, you can additionally decorate it (but, this is already according to your personal desire), adding sparkles, ornaments, stones and beads on tapes.

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