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Master class for assembling a Trinity box

We present to your attention a detailed videoInstruction on assembling gift origami boxes. The work itself is already quite a valuable gift, but if you put something else there, it is guaranteed to deserve a positive response. This Trinity box is quite practical, and can serve not only as a box, but also as a stand for your pencil or pen. This model consists of three elements, and it can be collected both from ordinary paper and from notes (ruble, dollar, etc.).

To build a Trinity box you will need 3Rectangular sheets of thick paper, the sides of which will correspond to each other along the length of 3: 5 (this can be 3X5 cm, 6X10 cm, 9X15 cm). It all depends on what size of the box you want to get at the end of the work. If you decide to collect a box of money, then you have to prepare 3 bills. The lead time is 3 minutes.

Next we offer you a master class from the masterYami Yamauchi origami, which is conducted according to the scheme of Jo Nakashima. We hope that this simple and understandable video instruction will allow you to collect the desired box in a short time.

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