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How to make an origami heart from the dollar

Give romance and warmth to yourself and others around youPeople are never too early, and never too late. And today we offer you an excellent version of origami - a heart from the dollar. Such hearts can decorate glasses for a holiday, or present it with breakfast to a loved one on a tray. We propose to collect a rather simple, but very pretty heart, which you can decorate with anything.

How to make an origami heart from the dollar

To make an origami heart from the dollar, you need one dollar note (its value should be chosen by yourself), and the time is only 4-5 minutes. The heart is going pretty simple:

- the banknote is folded into a strip,

- the edges are wrapped in the middle and fastened into a ring,

- A heart arches out of the ring.

Origami, who today will present a video lesson,Prefers hearts with a slanting tail. But, you can absolutely do what your heart desires, having received a completely different origami model.

Now we suggest you read moreThe process of creating a monetary heart. Just five minutes of time spent watching the lesson, will allow you to soon please the second half with an original surprise.

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